You can get w123 bumper parts from Argentina too

Always some parts that needs to be replaced on these old things, this as with the case of the side mirror, the left rear bumper corner needs to be replaced. It is so through-rusted that I will just throw it. Getting hold of chrome parts for the coupe specific version of W123s are in fact quite difficult, especially those bumper parts. These are all chrome that were just for the coupe and the 280E versions on the sedan and wagons. They look so good that people are crazy about them.

I had the task of finding a replacement part with nice chrome. I’m not even sure if this can be obtained from a Mercedes dealer since it is not a wear part.

I found a private Mercedes older car parts dealer in Argentina… across the other side of the world of course. Bought it through eBay and got it the week after! It was not cheap though, was around 230$ for the bumper corner. However the part is in mint condition, not even a scratch in the chrome and the original paint inside in pristine condition. Very happy with the deal and the seller was very professional.

I have to do some rust removal of the other bumper parts, and then I will remove surface rust respray the inner sides for better rust protection.

New and old bumper corner for the 280CE
New and old bumper corner for the 280CE, the left one was brought here all the way from Argentina.
inside new bumper corner W123 280CE
Original paint inside the new bumper corner From Argentina
inside bumper w123
Needs some rust removal and respray.
rust removal bumper w123
Using a drill to remove the rust
respray bumper w123
Respraying inner with base coat
second spray layer bumber w123
Second spray layer inner side on bumper

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