I kindly accept donations if you have found the articles on the web page useful. It will help funding more technical articles on DIY for Mercedes cars and enable more frequent content creation on the web site. The website maintenance has an upkeep cost and making good articles are a time consuming process. Not to mention the costs associated with tools and parts. Donations are a way to keep this content free.

No need to setup a Patreon account or going through third parties with credit card transaction fees with fiat currency. I accept donations directly to a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet.

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  1. How do I donate with BTC?
    • First you will need to create a BTC wallet if you do not have one. Then the wallet needs to have BTC funds in it. The BTC wallet can be funded by depositing fiat currency and exchanged through a crypto-broker. A popular broker to create a wallet and exchange is e.g.: Donation is then done by sending BTC to the wallet address stated above.
  2. Can I donate in other currencies than BTC?
    • No, not as of this moment.
  3. Is donations with cryptocurrencies taxed?
    • No, gift donations are exempt taxation for both the giving and receiving parties. Taxation however is only made on the event of increased BTC valuation from the time of donation for the receiving party.
  4. What is the benefits by using cryptocurrency over fiat currency?
    • It is easier for individuals to both send and receive donations. Transactions are fully traceable by all parties on the block-chain.
  5. Is cryptocurrencies used by criminals?
    • Fiat currency is by far the most used currency by criminals. It is estimated that 2-5% of global GDP is used for illicit activities, which is about $4 trillion. Cryptocurrencies have about 0.34% in illicit activities, which is only $10 billion. All transactions with cryptocurrencies are traceable on the block-chain. There are little incentives for criminals to hide value on the block-chain.
  6. What about volatility of cryptocurrencies?
    • Yes cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, however BTC is becoming a large monetary asset and predicted to become more stable over time. Due to the volatility you have to check the price of BTC at transaction time.