Ride along in w140 S600 from Japan

Reading Time: 1 minute

This video I just made for testing camera equipment, camera placement and angles, the noise quality etc. Watch with this in mind and laugh at the ridiculous intro/outro and some weird cutting. Comment on Youtube if you want to give constructive feedback.

I used the GoPro Hero4 and built in mic. Some lessons were definitely learned from this recording session:

  1. The gopro mic is not good enough. Use of external mic and good placement is necessary. Inside car is good for louder cars, but for the S600 the mic has to be placed next to the exhaust.
  2. Shooting inside back of car is difficult when it is very bright outside.
  3. Wind noise needs to be dealt with, external mic inside car or wind muff.
  4. More angles and faster cutting isĀ needed.
  5. Introduction to car and it quirks and voice over is necessary for viewers to enjoy videos. This means I have to pull out my English skils and hopefully not so much the Norwegian accent.
  6. Wide angle shots not necessary for every angle. I have a camera for this purpose too.


Cheers, Robs outĀ