Happy New Year and may 2018 be filled with classic cars

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2018 and things to come..

2017 has been a fantastic year for this website, almost 100.000 visitors have found it’s way to this site. That is absolutely amazing and I thank you all for the support by reading. Lets hope 2018 will be even better and with more high quality articles.

I will continue to publish DIY posts and other classic car related posts in this year to come, so stay tuned.

What new can you expect from 2018?
DIY for the W140 S600 as something new and exiting. I hardly find any information for these cars on the internet.
Some long awaited videos will come up around Q2-Q3 where we will take a spin in some Mercedes classics.

Mercedes w123 driving in winter

W140 S600 added to the collection

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Before the summer I acquired a 1996 w140 S600 (Japan spec) as an addition to my old w123 280CE, hence the updated site main picture as of July 2017. It is actually the same car I did the review on last year and the offer was simply too good to refuse. The car is an extremely good find with under 70.000km original km in it’s 20 years lifespan.

The car collection is now larger than 1! My plans with this car is to keep it completely original and use it mainly for long road trips with extreme comfort, silence and unlimited v12 power if you need it. I also hope the value for this flagship will increase significantly since the 600 version is rarer than most production vehicles and the value is now at the lowest it can be.

I will be posting maintenance DIYs where possible with this car, which are extremely rare by the way! And I will be looking into doing car related videos, starting with filming the S600 and then the 280CE. I did some camera tests now in the summer, which I will post almost immediately under the Videos section. I am though planning to making better videos with use of external mic for excellent sound quality which so many car videos lack except high end production.

R.I.P. old website

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Dear readers

I just killed the old https://mercb-w123.blogspot.com site over at the google servers, so there will be nothing to be found there anymore. Don’t be sad because all the quality articles have been updated and migrated now over to this site. Look forward to new and fresh articles in the future!

In the end it was nearly 150.000 views on the old site which is for me beyond any expectations. The new site is barely a year old and is getting soon at the same level about 5 times faster!

The audience at the old site were mostly US, Russian, Australian, UK  and German. Perhaps of the language used, but we all know that Americans love their cars and the DIY culture is strong over there.

old web site audience
The statistics of the old website

Secure SSL encryption added to website

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What is SSL? No it’s not a new “Super SL” from Mercedes…

SSL is an encryption based security layer on modern websites and is absolutely necessary when using credit card transactions. Although credit card transactions are not necessary on this site, I firmly believe that all the data traffic should be encrypted to minimize fraud from hackers and identity thieves. SSL also authenticates the data sent so you can be sure it is the right data being sent and not some third party content.

You can see that it has SSL when a green padlock appears in your browser window next to the url. Secure application protocols use HTTPS instead of the old HTTP and this is forced on this site from now, you cannot browse it with the http protocol anymore.

Have a secure browsing on the site with SSL, cheers!