Rubber is like cheese, eventually it molds..

The rubber parts, essential to Mercedes comfort and also can be a serious threat of safety when they break. Of course I am changing them now the car is in a hundred pieces, much easier!

The Front flex disk of the drive-shaft connected to the transmission is of a special kind and different of the back one. It is complex where each mount is  in a softer rubber than the rest of the disk. I actually broke the old one when I was taking off the drive-shaft since it was stuck. This part was very expensive for its size and was hard to find in other shops than a Mercedes dealer, but I managed to find one. A secret is that I always order parts from the US, saves me tons of money. The front flex disk was around 130$ while the simpler rear flex disk was only around 40$. The other rubber mounts was not expensive compared. I am also planning to replace the differential rubber hanger at some point too, but I forgot to order the part last time.

suspension and drivetrain parts
Drivetrain and suspension parts
driveshaft center damper and bearing
New driveshaft center damper and bearing

To get the old bearing off the drive-shaft I needed to use a bearing puller, a tool which I have only used for this job, stupid special tools…, but it prevents you for fucking up your drive-shaft column. To drive the new bearing on I used a metal tube which has the same diameter as the inner ring and tapped it carefully on. The car will run ¬†smooth now with much less vibration. The old center rubber mount was very cracked and it was a good time to replace it.

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