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2 year status and review

Finally the web page managed to beat the visitor record from the old car blog after I deleted back in 2017. Things looks like it will go golden if this continues! The rise in visits have really sped up after 100K visits. In a few days it is expected to pass 150.000 visits, which is 5.000 more than the old page ever got. It is also twice as fast to reach these results compared to the old one. High quality articles on a simple and easily navigable site is really beneficial.

I’ll share some statistics obtained from both internal in WordPress Statistics plugin and Google Webmaster tool. The accuracy are probably not 100% accurate, but give a reasonable estimate.

The benchmark of visitors all time vs recently. Very pleased!
1000 per week is better than a single year than the visits on the homepage of my work for an entire year.
The US is still the car capitol of the world, also other English speaking countries are heavily represented due to the page language.
I’m surprised that the w123 280CE CoupĂ© review is the most popular page. I need to do more reviews then…!?
This is an interesting statistic from Google. It shows the results from the last 16 months. There were almost 15.000 clicks from the searches, where 313.000 references was viewed from the searches. Average CTR is the percentage of clicks vs the search result which is almost 5%.
Average position is the placement on the search order, so on average this is on the second search page as number 13. Overall pleased!
This graph shows the search engine referral clicks for the last year on different search providers. Most people still use Google as shown in the blue graph. By this I can work out what is the most popular periods during the year. August seem to be most active and end of December is totally dead. By this I can work out prediction of when sales campaigns returns the most yields, if I ever get into that.. hehe.
Personally I have switched to the DuckDuckGo search engine and is very pleased by the performance and the non tracking policy.

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Passionate about vintage Mercedes Benz where driving, maintaining and learning new things and teaching others on the black arts of car maintenance.

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