Views from behind the wheel in a W123

What are the things you can see from behind the wheel driving a W123? Beautiful nature, wild animals, interesting architecture, challenging conditions and weather and unimaginable surprises. This is a small collection of stuff seen from going about in a W123.

The road trip is enjoyed best with good friends in a vintage Benz.

Of course you can see the same from other cars, but I found that the whole experience is much more visceral and when having road trips in a vintage Benz. You can maybe even call it cozy behind that big steering wheel hearing the sweet hum of the engine. Somehow you are more connected with the car and the road.

Instead of taking anti depressives or going to the psychologist due to the stress of daily life, take a week with some good friends on a relaxing road trip where the aim¬†should be the trip itself. Go some place you have never been to see new stuff and not worry so much about the destination. There are always interesting things to see along the way. You might even end up some better place if things didn’t go as planned. Take a tent and a sleeping bag with you and you can camp literary anywhere.

Sometimes you need to cross bridges.

w123 over hardanger bridge
Crossing Hardanger Bridge

Sometimes there are optical effects in the atmosphere.

Optical effects

Sometimes you see a field besides a river.

w123 and field view
River valley

Sometimes there will be rain.

w123 and heavy rain
A good dose of H2O

Sometimes there are good winter days.

snow covered field
Winter can be good too!

Sometimes driving in winter is needed.

w123 in winterlandscape
Did you remember to change from summer tires?

Sometimes there are fjords to explore.

w123 and fjord
Fjord country

Sometimes there are wild animals.

moose in the road
Moose in the road, for testing brake performance

Sometimes there are domesticated animals.

sheep in the road
Sheep on the road, for testing the horn

Sometimes there are very cold days.

cold landscape
Frozen landscape, hopefully the heater is effective

Sometimes tunnels are explored.

hardanger fjord tunnel
Wait a roundabout inside a tunnel?

Sometimes you will need to have a break.

300TD in mountains
Pit stop, who needs to take a leak?


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Passionate about vintage Mercedes Benz where driving, maintaining and learning new things and teaching others on the black arts of car maintenance.

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