What is SSL? No it’s not a new “Super SL” from Mercedes…

SSL is an encryption based security layer on modern websites and is absolutely necessary when using credit card transactions. Although credit card transactions are not necessary on this site, I firmly believe that all the data traffic should be encrypted to minimize fraud from hackers and identity thieves. SSL also authenticates the data sent so you can be sure it is the right data being sent and not some third party content.

You can see that it has SSL when a green padlock appears in your browser window next to the url. Secure application protocols use HTTPS instead of the old HTTP and this is forced on this site from now, if you try to access the http version you will b e automatically redirected and you cannot browse it with the HTTP protocol anymore.

Have a secure browsing on the site with SSL, cheers!

By Robs

Passionate about vintage Mercedes Benz where driving, maintaining and learning new things and teaching others on the black arts of car maintenance.

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