R.I.P. old website

Dear readers

I just killed the old https://mercb-w123.blogspot.com site over at the google servers, so there will be nothing to be found there anymore. Don’t be sad because all the quality articles have been updated and migrated now over to this site. Look forward to new and fresh articles in the future!

In the end it was nearly 150.000 views on the old site which is for me beyond any expectations. The new site is barely a year old and is getting soon at the same level about 5 times faster!

The audience at the old site were mostly US, Russian, Australian, UK  and German. Perhaps of the language used, but we all know that Americans love their cars and the DIY culture is strong over there.

old web site audience
The statistics of the old website

Author: robs

Passionate about older Mercedes Benz where driving, maintaining and learning new things is what keeps me doing this. Enjoying writing about cars and teaching others on the black arts of car maintenance. Have a major in space technology engineering and currently doing IT consulting for a living.

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