The Project Car in Question

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The Project Car – Everything looks good until you really look

I am “restoring” or you could say fixing my 1984 280CE W123. To give you an idea of why it is not an exactly a restoration, but more of hidden problems that needs to be attended, check out the pictures of the car below.

280CE W123 Front view
280CE front view
W123 280CE Side View
Side View, good lines
280CE W123 rear view
Rear view
W123 280CE Front bonnet open
Front with bonnet open
M110 6 Cylinder Engine w. electronic injection
The mighty M110 Engine – last iteration

As you could guess, the problem is rust related in some places out of view. It is leaking water when parked and the rear trailing arm needs to be replaced. Will probably find more issues and need to change wear parts.

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